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Rhode Island Dental Assisting Association

The Rhode Island Chapter of the national organization which monitors the profession of dental assisting, licensure, and continuing education responsibilities for dental assistants.


Rhode Island Dental Association Website

“The Rhode Island Dental Association is extremely proud of its relationship with the Rhode Island Dental Hygienists' Association. We have been working together for many years and have the utmost respect for each other. In collaborating together we constantly are working to better the oral health of the public through our joint meetings and legislation. We feel that this team effort has worked to increase access to care as well as enhancing the standard of care for the public.” - Dr. Marty Nager, Chairman Council on Communications

Rhode Island Department of Health - Oral Health

We work with a professional advisory council, the Rhode Island Oral Health Commission, and workforce and community partners to plan, implement, and evaluate population-based oral disease prevention and health promotion programs in Rhode Island.



The Rhode Island Dental Hygienists’ Association is a proud partner and supporter of TeethFirst!, which is funded by the DentaQuest Foundation as part of its national Oral Health 2014 initiative. The goal of TeethFirst! is to increase the number of very young children in Rhode Island who have regular dental visits.


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