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To become a member of the Rhode Island Dental Hygienists Association (RIDHA), and in turn the component in your area, you need to join the American Dental Hygienists' Association, (ADHA). With membership in ADHA each hygienist is also a member of their state constituent and local component. Total ADHA dues are $237.00; this includes dues for ADHA for $202.00 and the RI local component of $35.00.


Become a member by filling out the ADHA application.


If you are currently enrolled in an accredited dental hygiene program or pursuing a complementary baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited college or institution of higher education, you are qualified to apply for student membership. If you are already a student member and are about to begin working as a licensed dental hygienist, you can transition your Student Membership to a Professional Membership.


A Quarterly Publication - "The Mirror" designed to educate, inform and inspire


Discounts on Continuing Education Programs


Leadership Development Opportunities


New and Lasting Friendships and Occupational and Social Networking


A Portable Dental Chair available for Community Service Program use


Statewide Professional Collaborative efforts in Community Oral Health Outreach Programs



Through ADHA membership, you will help secure a future for dental hygiene. ADHA is working to protect the value of your educational credentials and to preserve the integrity of your license. Only by uniting in one voice can ADHA continue to represent dental hygienists successfully.



ADHA monitors all states and federal legislative and regulatory trends as they relate to dental hygiene; and maintains state files on dental hygiene practice acts as well as rules and regulations from the state boards.



Members receive the most up-to-date information relative to the profession in the Journal of Dental Hygiene, ADHA’s official on-line, peer-reviewed scientific journal publication that contains information on clinical practice, research, education and public health. In addition, members receive ADHA’s magazine, Access, and MDHA’s quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin.



As part of your ADHA dues, you automatically become a member of your state constituent and local component organization. These groups sponsor meetings and activities for your personal and professional benefit. By attending local, state and national membership functions you have the opportunity to form new friendships and develop professional contacts.



Becoming an active ADHA member gives you the opportunity to  acquire and develop new skills and interests, and assist in moving the profession of dental hygiene through the 21st century.



Contributing to your community’s oral health standards with the backing of this professional association builds an identity for you as a professional and offers you resources such as collaborating organizations, evidence-based science and legislative support.

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